Sunday, October 7, 2012

Another use for Trader Joe's stickers

Since our trip to California, Dilan has taken quite a liking to my Baa, showing her affection through imitation.  She moves around like her with a fake walker.  I caught her speaking a colorful jibberish to a picture of my dad.  She told me she was speaking to him in "Indian*".  I went ahead and decided to just teach her some Gujarati (her accent's impressively close), but she stumped me when asking how to say "juice".  I told her it was just  "juice" with an accent but she doesn't believe me.  By the way, that's how you can speak my version of Gujarati really fast.  Just say things in English with an accent.  Immediately you'll know a quarter of the words I do.  
Like others her age, my Baa sports a dime-sized red felt bindi.  Dilan wants us to wear them too, and put her TJ's stickers to use. 

*She's four, so it's OK. But for you grown-ups out there, there is no such language as Indian. You sound ignorant when you ask if I speak it. But there is Indian food. I know; we people are so confusing.
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